Friday, January 25, 2008


Composting centre launched in Luyang

Landfill to be closed if composting program successful


A composting centre set up to compost garden waste has been launched at Taman Luyang Timur here yesterday. The centre is a joint project of the resident committee in the housing estate and Local Agenda 21 Kota Kinabalu City Hall led by Director General Dr Chua Kim Hing. Assistant Minister of Resource Development and Information Technology Melanie Chia, who officiated the launch, said the program had been planned since three years ago and the setup of the centre is a first step towards a sustainable environment management. “Hopefully this program will be successful and as a start, we hope the residents here can commit to this project,” she said, adding that it should encourage people from other areas to set up their own composting centre. During the launch, a demonstration of a Viking shredder, a RM1,800 machine sponsored by KTS Trading, was conducted to shred thick garden waste such as branches and leaves. Meanwhile, Chua said residents from any area can send their waste to the Luyang centre instead to the Kayu Madang landfill. “If this program is successful, the Kayu Madang landfill will be closed and turned into a material recovery facilities,” he said. “Kayu Madang will produce a new type of garbage without leachate to be transferred to other landfills,” he said. Chua said the program might be hard for people to follow but hopefully soon it will be accepted. Chairman of Luyang Timur Residents Committee, Chia Shee Yung said the community should reduce the burden of City Hall. “We can contribute to the environment by segregating the waste for recycling and composting,” he said. Chia urged the public from Kota Kinabalu area, especially Taman Luyang Timur, to send their garbage to this centre. The composting centre has received contributions from various individuals and companies, he said.