Wednesday, February 27, 2008


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BN manifesto is complete, thorough: CM


The Barisan Nasional manifesto unveiled by the Prime Minister in Kuala Lumpur on Monday was yesterday launched in Sabah by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Musa Aman. Copies of the manifesto, which underlines Selamat, Aman and Makmur as the basis for national development under the BN Government, were distributed to all BN component parties’ leaders who gathered at the Chief Minister’s official residence Sri Gaya in Bukit Nenas during the launching ceremony. The eight aspects emphasized in the manifesto covering economic development, education, civil service, religious freedom and racial unity are not newly introduced but a continuation of what BN has achieved today, said Musa. He said the manifesto proves that BN Government is not only focusing on physical and economic development but also various other aspects, including developing human capital through education, achieving prosperity through social integration and ethnic unity, and improving public safety through thorough law enforcement. It also stresses that development, in all aspects, will be fairly distributed to ensure that no one will be left out, proving that the Government care about everyone regardless of their race or location, Musa said. “We have proved to the people that we can deliver to them what we promise and now, once again, we assure the people that we are capable and will deliver our promises. “We have the capability in terms Of finances. We have the experience, the political power and consensus of the people,” he said, adding the BN coalition which represents all ethnic groups, is the right choice for the people. He said the manifesto is consistent with what the BN Government has achieved and done for the people and explains that the BN Government are truly from people and for the people. He said the excellent track record of BN has been proven and cannot be denied by anyone, including the opposition who too has enjoyed the development brought by BN. Written in three languages - Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese .- the manifesto also emphasizes on BN economic credentials. “It is a manifesto that is complete and thorough, which comes from the people and for the people,” he said.


Make right choice for now and future: Musa


It rained heavily at Kampung Gudon yesterday, but it did not stop Barisan Nasional supporters from thronging the community hail. Their display of support impressed Sabah BN chairman Datuk Seri Musa Aman, who remarked: “This rain is a blessing; it is a good sign for BN. I am very proud of your presence here.” He said the people’s presence despite the wet weather showed that everyone is working hard to ensure victory for BN in the 12th general election. “There are many other development projects in store for the people and we are banking on your continuous support for the ruling coalition to ensure that all plans would proceed smoothly. All these are done to benefit not just the State and rakyat now, but also for our future generation,” said Musa. He also urged the electorate not to be influenced by the opposition’s promises that offer “the moon and the stars” in their effort to win votes, but in the end, nothing is going to materialise. “What can the opposition do? They can give you promises but it will never be fulfilled, but we in the Government has given our commitment to bring development to the people, be it in the urban or rural areas,” he said. “The Barisan Nasional chairman, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi once said that whatever we promise to the rakyat, we must fulfil. I hope all assemblymen would carry out their duties and responsibilities well; it is for the good of the people, the state and nation,” he said. Musa has full confidence that the people are mature enough to decide on the rightful government to lead them. “He does not want to see any district in Sabah to be undeveloped. Make the right choice come March 8, the polling day,” he said. Musa was speaking at a meet-the-people session at Kampung Gudon, which was also attended by Datuk Eric Enchin Majimbun, the BN Sepanggar parliamentary candidate; Jainab Datuk Seri Panglima Ahmad Ayid (Karambunai state assembly candidate) and Johnny Goh (Inanam state assembly candidate). “I hope the voters in Sepanggar would support the three BN candidates, and ensure they win so that the planned development projects can be continued” said Musa. The three candidates, in their respective speeches, pledged their continuous support to BN and promised to carry out ‘ their responsibilities as what is expected of them. “We must make the right choice now as our decision today will affect the future generation. Choose wisely and do good for our children and our children’s children,” said Majimbun. Goh, meanwhile, shared the Government’s many successes in the last four years which among others include the revocation of the cremation centre in Inanam, the pig farm project which has been shifted to Sandakan after receiving strong objection from the people in his constituency, the projects done to overcome floods and also the setting up of a police station in Inanam. “This is all made possible thanks to the concern by our dear Chief Minister and the ruling government,” he said. Jainab, on the other hand, highlighted the importance of the Karambunai and Sepanggar constituencies and its potentials. “There are many higher learning institutions within the Karambunai constituency. This shows the Government’s commitment in developing our area for the good of the people and the state,” she said. “The launching ceremony of the Sabah Development Corridor in Sepanggar also shows the Government’s commitment in providing opportunities to the people living in the surrounding area. The SDC is also expanded throughout the State to share the benefits it would bring, to every individual,” she said.


Liew promises university for Sandakan


The Barisan Nasional candidate for the Sandakan parliamentary seat, Datuk Liew Vui Keong, said he would push for the setting up of a university in the district it given the mandate by the people of Sandakan in the March 8 polls. “The setting up of the university will complement the existing education facilities in Sandakan,” Liew who is also LDP president, told reporters after visiting constituents in Bandar Kim Fung on Tuesday. Liew added he would put in efforts to push for the setting up of the facility in Sandakan if the people give him the mandate to serve as their member of parliament. “The university will enable the schoolchildren to continue their higher education in Sandakan without having to go abroad to further their studies,” he said. He added the Barisan Nasional gives emphasis to providing the best education facilities for the people. “Education is the key to a better future and only a Barisan Nasional win in the March 8 general election can transform the pattern of development in Sandakan,” he said. Liew who is one of the new faces in the Barisan Nasional line-up for next month’s general election, said many issues affecting the Sandakan people could not be addressed by the independent member of parliament in the past four years. “The Barisan Nasional has brought progress and development to the country. The successes achieved by the nation today are testimony of the capability of the Barisan Nasional in delivering its promises to the people,” he said.


I have never joined PKR, says Patrick


Papar independent candidate Datuk Patrick Sindu yesterday refuted claims by PKR Sabah chief Haji Ansari Abdullah that he was among nine PKR members facing disciplinary action for contesting as independent candidate. Patrick stressed that after leaving Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS), he has never joined any other political party. “It is wrong for Ansari, who is a friend, to say I am a member of PKR,” he said yesterday. Patrick and two other candidates are challenging incumbent MP Rosnah Abd Rashid Shirlin of Barisan Nasional in the Papar parliamentary constituency in the March 8 general election. The others are Wahab Idris from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) and another independent Mohd Hashim Yussup. He said Ansari should have thoroughly checked his facts and as an experienced lawyer, the latter knows the consequences of not telling the truth to the public, especially so during the election time. “He is a friend of mine ... I don’t want to jeopardise his participation in this election,” said Patrick. The President of Consumers Association for Sabah and Labuan (CASH) kick-started his campaign trial in Papar yesterday, using the extensive network of his family members to woo voters in the state seats of Pantai Manis and Kawang, which make up the Papar constituency. “I am already busy campaigning here in Papar,” said Patrick, who pledged to speak up for Sabahans, in particular the people in Papar, in the Parliament if he wins in the election. “I can voice out the problems affecting our fellow Sabahans directly in the Parliament without going through the political parties and their leaders who have failed to live up to their promises all this while.” Commenting on the recently launched BN election manifesto, Patrick said it is “an old story and merely a political gimmick”. He said the BN is talking about the old issues and promises made in the 2004 general election that have yet to be fulfilled by the ruling coalition. “Now, about four years later, the BN is coming up with yet another gimmick,” said Patrick who rated his chances of wresting the seat as very good.


Only BN Govt helps poor students: Masidi


Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun said the Barisan Nasional(BN) is the only Government in the world that provides financial aid to poor students. He said the various financial aids, including the Financial Assistance For The Poor Student Scheme or the KWAPM, are provided to students from poor families by the BN Government. “Such education aids are only available in Malaysia. There is nowhere else where one can find such government like the Barisan Nasional giving fmancial aid to the people,” he said during a meet-the-people gathering at Kampung Kesinsingon, Kampung Sumalang and Kampung Maukab here. Meanwhile, Masidi dismissed claims by the opposition that the ruling party was corrupted. He said that the development and progress in the State had improved tremendously since the BN came into power in 1994. While urging the people not to be easily influenced by the opposition’s dirty election tactics, Masidi said that under the able leadership of Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, the State’s reserves had improved and had now hit the RM2 billion mark. “How can we in the BN be corrupted? With the leadership of Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman as our CM, Sabah’s reserves have extremely improved from RM 168 million to RM2 billion,” he said “As such, the opposition should think carefully before making any accusations against the BN,” he said. Masidi, who is defending the Karanaan state seat in a straight fight with Atin @ Attin Naisin from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), took the opportunity to clarify certain issues that have been bothering the people such as the land ownership issue in the district and the increase in the price of fuel. On his opponent, he said he did not see the need to be little Attin for contesting under the PKR ticket. While giving the explanations on why the people here should continue supporting the BN, Masidi advised the voters to use their mentality to really decide who deserves to win.


CM wants Hall to scrutinize all devt projects


The City Hall must always be cautious when approving development projects and closely monitor the implementation, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman. He said every development plan forwarded to the City Hall must be scrutinized to ensure that every related regulation and law is duly followed to avoid negative impact on the people and the environment. This move is in tandem with one of the aspects emphasized in the implementation of the Sabah Development Corridor (SDC), Musa said when officiating at the opening of the newly upgraded food court - Sri Selera Kampung Air. The open air food court, which was a disorganized, unappealing and filthy, has been turned into a popular tourist spot as it not only serves plenty of fresh seafood but also provides exciting cultural entertainment. Musa said that to ensure Kota Kinabalu and Sabah continue to attract visitors, quality varied services and infrastructure must be provided to cater to the latest trend and taste of not only the locals but the tourists as well. These include different types of accommodation featuring various class of hotels from the luxurious five-star to the cheap budget ones, as well as a variety of restaurants and eateries that suit customers of all races and religions, he said. At the ceremony, Musa announced that the State Government has approved RM2.363 million for the City Hall to fund its repairing and upgrading works at the Kota Kinabalu General Market and the adjacent fish market. He said the State Government will continue to assist the City Hall to further improve the image of the City, which is the main gateway to Sabah. According to him, the State Government has allocated a total of RM8.55 million to City Hall in 2007 and will be allocating another RM9 million to help it implement its 3K (Cleanliness, Beautification and Safety) programme. Also present at the opening ceremony were State Secretary Datuk Sukarti Wakiman, Resource Development and Information Technology Minister Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai, Local Government and Housing Assistant Minister Edward Yong Oui Fah, incumbent Likas assemblyman Datuk Liew Teck Chan, incumbent Kepayan assemblyman Datuk Edward Khoo, and other BN leaders.


Reduce red tape to boost delivery system, Musa tells civil servants


The public sector needs to be more efficient and effective to further strengthen tie government delivery system and boost development programmes in improving infrastructure and basic amenities. The public sector also must strive towards holistic management and protection of environment and natural resources, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman. In addition, emphasis has to be given to making comprehensive human capital development an effective agent to catalyst development, quality improvement and prosperity, he said. These are among the aspects which have to be given priority by the public sector as Sabah moves towards achieving a developed status by 2015, he said. Speaking during the first combined monthly gathering of Federal and State civil servants here yesterday, Musa urged all civil servants in the State to work shoulder to shoulder with the State Government towards ensuring successful implementation of the development programmes under the Ninth Malaysia Plan and Sabah Development Corridor. To encourage participation from foreign investors, he sad the systems, procedures and work culture that contribute to red tape, must be studied and reduced. In this regard, he said, agencies involved should create a comfortable and conducive environment for investment activities by making full use of the Sabah Investment Authority (SEDIA), the one-stop authority agency for the implementation of SDC. With less than two weeks to the March 8 general election, Musa advised civil servants not to get carried away with their interest in following the election process to the extent of giving less attention to their duties. “While we are paying attention to the election process, we must not forget our responsibility because if we do we may risk jeopardizing the interest of the people,” he said. He urged public sector staff and officers to work as usual while fulfilling their responsibility as citizens by casting their votes come the polling day.


ICT facilities also provided at village libraries


All communities and leaders need to fully utilise the facilities provided at the public libraries by the State and Federal governments to create a reading culture and knowledge society. Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Yahya Hussin, Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Community Development and Consumer Affairs, said if the facilities are not utilised, the objective of providing them could not be fulfilled. Officiating at the opening of new library in Ulu Putatan yesterday, he said that under the 9th Malaysia Plan, his ministry has focused on a program to build more libraries in Sabah with funds from both the State and Federal government. He said the libraries include those in Membakut, Nabawan, Beaufort, Kota Belud, Ranau and Semporna. In addition, 20 village libraries and two mobile libraries are also built with funds from the State Government. Yahya said the State Library has expanded the usage of information and communication technology (ICT) in all libraries, including those in villages and the mobile units. The facilities would help improve communication between rural and urban residents, he said.


SDC will transform Sabah, says Pairin


Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan yesterday said the implementation of Sabah Development Corridor (SDC) will transform the State in the next 18 years. By 2025, Pairin said the State’s economy will see rapid development and Sabah’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to quadruple to RM63. 2 billion. “The State’s GDP per capita is also expected to triple to RM14,800,” he said when officiating an Upper Interior Village Small Entrepreneur dialogue and Small Industry Products exhibition held at the community centre here. Pairin who is also the Rural Development Minister, also said the number of job opportunities will increase to 900,000 and the employment rate is expected to reduce from 5.8 percent in 2006 to 3.5 percent in the next 18 years. He said the SDC development plan which encompasses every corner of the State, is aimed at providing equal opportunities as well as benefits to villagers and is in tandem with the Government’s aim to create a prosperous, peaceful and harmonious living environment for the people. “We will see Sabah becoming a developed and prosperous State through five aspects which will be implemented during the 18 years period,” he said. According to the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the Tambunan state and Keningau parliamentary constituencies, the five aspects are: • Making Sabah as the main gateway in the region for trade, investment and tourism purposes; • To develop Sabah into a state where its people live in harmony and prosperity regardless of race and religion; • In ensuring a better quality of life, better usage and application of technology throughout the State; • Job opportunities for Sabahans and; • Sabah will have high quality life and culture, heritage and environment diversity. “The successful implementation of these five aspects will make Sabah a good place to live in and eradicating poverty in the State,” Pairin stressed. He further said the implementation of SDC gives priority to the welfare of the people and assured that no race or group will be left out in terms of development. To eradicate poverty, he said the Government will implement several programmes to improve the income of households that are in the hardcore poor group thus minimizing their numbers.