Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Reduce red tape to boost delivery system, Musa tells civil servants


The public sector needs to be more efficient and effective to further strengthen tie government delivery system and boost development programmes in improving infrastructure and basic amenities. The public sector also must strive towards holistic management and protection of environment and natural resources, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman. In addition, emphasis has to be given to making comprehensive human capital development an effective agent to catalyst development, quality improvement and prosperity, he said. These are among the aspects which have to be given priority by the public sector as Sabah moves towards achieving a developed status by 2015, he said. Speaking during the first combined monthly gathering of Federal and State civil servants here yesterday, Musa urged all civil servants in the State to work shoulder to shoulder with the State Government towards ensuring successful implementation of the development programmes under the Ninth Malaysia Plan and Sabah Development Corridor. To encourage participation from foreign investors, he sad the systems, procedures and work culture that contribute to red tape, must be studied and reduced. In this regard, he said, agencies involved should create a comfortable and conducive environment for investment activities by making full use of the Sabah Investment Authority (SEDIA), the one-stop authority agency for the implementation of SDC. With less than two weeks to the March 8 general election, Musa advised civil servants not to get carried away with their interest in following the election process to the extent of giving less attention to their duties. “While we are paying attention to the election process, we must not forget our responsibility because if we do we may risk jeopardizing the interest of the people,” he said. He urged public sector staff and officers to work as usual while fulfilling their responsibility as citizens by casting their votes come the polling day.