Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Make right choice for now and future: Musa


It rained heavily at Kampung Gudon yesterday, but it did not stop Barisan Nasional supporters from thronging the community hail. Their display of support impressed Sabah BN chairman Datuk Seri Musa Aman, who remarked: “This rain is a blessing; it is a good sign for BN. I am very proud of your presence here.” He said the people’s presence despite the wet weather showed that everyone is working hard to ensure victory for BN in the 12th general election. “There are many other development projects in store for the people and we are banking on your continuous support for the ruling coalition to ensure that all plans would proceed smoothly. All these are done to benefit not just the State and rakyat now, but also for our future generation,” said Musa. He also urged the electorate not to be influenced by the opposition’s promises that offer “the moon and the stars” in their effort to win votes, but in the end, nothing is going to materialise. “What can the opposition do? They can give you promises but it will never be fulfilled, but we in the Government has given our commitment to bring development to the people, be it in the urban or rural areas,” he said. “The Barisan Nasional chairman, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi once said that whatever we promise to the rakyat, we must fulfil. I hope all assemblymen would carry out their duties and responsibilities well; it is for the good of the people, the state and nation,” he said. Musa has full confidence that the people are mature enough to decide on the rightful government to lead them. “He does not want to see any district in Sabah to be undeveloped. Make the right choice come March 8, the polling day,” he said. Musa was speaking at a meet-the-people session at Kampung Gudon, which was also attended by Datuk Eric Enchin Majimbun, the BN Sepanggar parliamentary candidate; Jainab Datuk Seri Panglima Ahmad Ayid (Karambunai state assembly candidate) and Johnny Goh (Inanam state assembly candidate). “I hope the voters in Sepanggar would support the three BN candidates, and ensure they win so that the planned development projects can be continued” said Musa. The three candidates, in their respective speeches, pledged their continuous support to BN and promised to carry out ‘ their responsibilities as what is expected of them. “We must make the right choice now as our decision today will affect the future generation. Choose wisely and do good for our children and our children’s children,” said Majimbun. Goh, meanwhile, shared the Government’s many successes in the last four years which among others include the revocation of the cremation centre in Inanam, the pig farm project which has been shifted to Sandakan after receiving strong objection from the people in his constituency, the projects done to overcome floods and also the setting up of a police station in Inanam. “This is all made possible thanks to the concern by our dear Chief Minister and the ruling government,” he said. Jainab, on the other hand, highlighted the importance of the Karambunai and Sepanggar constituencies and its potentials. “There are many higher learning institutions within the Karambunai constituency. This shows the Government’s commitment in developing our area for the good of the people and the state,” she said. “The launching ceremony of the Sabah Development Corridor in Sepanggar also shows the Government’s commitment in providing opportunities to the people living in the surrounding area. The SDC is also expanded throughout the State to share the benefits it would bring, to every individual,” she said.