Friday, January 4, 2008


Parents make early preparations for first day of school
On the supply of textbooks, Rosalind assured the parents that there will be enough for all the Primary One pupils, and they will be distributed today.
"I hope the parents will not hang around outside the classrooms to see and wait for their children. Give a little space for the teachers to mould the children and at the same time teach them to become independent," she said.
Vitin Pouli, 40, who sent his son, Cyprian, to school yesterday, said his boy was in high spirit and could hardly wait to go to school.
"He has been awake since early morning to get ready for school, and he was so impatient to get to school," said the clerk.
"All preparations for school have been made since last month, so the whole family was not in a rush," he added.
Over at SK Tanjung Aru 1, Roslan Salleh, 32, said he had also made all the preparations early for his daughter Noraisyah Asyikin Roslan's first day at school.
"I am very satisfied with the preparations that the school has made in making sure there is enough textbooks for all the pupils," he said.
Working mother Dayang Adriana Ag Nohnin, 35, said she was not worried about leaving her son, Mohd Rafidan Abdul Ahmit, at the school as he is familiar with the school environment.
"I do not have to accompany Rafidan like what is being done by other parents as Rafidan has been studying at pre-school since age four," said Dayang who was accompanied by her two other children when she sent her son to school yesterday.
A check with the Primary One pupils showed that most of them were not familiar with the new school environment while some had made new friends.
Syamirah Bt Roslan said that she still does not have any friends, however, she still managed to be happy seeing her peers playing around and learning together.
"I come to school to learn and meet with new friends," she said good-naturedly.
Another pupil, Mohd Sopian Matlan who was so active when interviewed with his class teacher, said that lie was so excited and happy to be in school as he could sing, learn to count and do many other things.
"I even have a new friend named Azri," he said.
SK Tanjung Aru I headmaster Chacho Mahama said that about 250 new pupils had registered for Primary One this year.
On the textbooks, he said that his school had not received them due to a change in the Government distribution policy."The school will work hard on this area so that the textbooks will arrive before February," he added.