Saturday, January 26, 2008


Rubbish centre in Foh Sang not maintained properly

A member of the public has expressed his frustration over the poor maintenance of the Foh Sang rubbish centre by the authorities which made the area smelly. “I have been observing the rubbish bins at Taman Foh Sang in Luyang, and it really disappointed me that they were not properly maintained,” said Mat. He also noticed that a new shelter had been constructed but the position of the old bins remained unchanged and the stench from the seepage was utterly disgusting and unbearable due to decomposing food remains dumped inside there. “I believe the stench is the result of the failure of the seepage to flow into the drain along the road but even if it flows, I think it is also very unhygienic and will attract rats and other pests,” he said. He said the new rubbish centre is conveniently placed for shop operators in the area but the authority concerned should constantly monitor its use so that indiscriminate dumping is controlled. The centre should also be fitted with an appropriate gate to prevent dogs from scattering the rubbish. “We hope the authority will look into the matter immediately for the convenience of all parties,” he said. Meanwhile, Laudin Zaman of Kota Kinabalu City Hall said they were aware of the matter as they had received a similar complaint. “We have tried our best to maintain the cleanliness at the place, including setting up a new garbage centre. To maintain the cleanliness there we need cooperation from the public. It is not only the responsibility of the Kota Kinabalu City Hall to maintain the cleanliness of the place. “We have provided proper facilities, so we hope the public and s.├žerators at the area will dispose of their rubbish properly,” he said. “Regarding the position of the old bins, we will forward the matter to the unit concerned. If we find that the old bins are still in the existing position, we will take the necessary action,” Laudin said. “We thank the complainant for highlighting the matter to us. We will monitor the matter frequently,” he added.