Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sulaman-UMS Roadfull of potholes

A motorcyclist from Taman Indah Permai has pointed out that the stretch' of road near Alam Mesra along the Sulaman-UMS Road is in bad condition.
Amri said it is riddled with potholes and the condition poses a safety hazard to motorists as well as causing damage to cars and motorbikes.
He claimed that the matter has been reported to the authorities concerned but nothing has been done to repair the road yet.
He said most motorcyclists are finding it difficult to pass through the area, especially at night.
"Even drivers of small vehicles like Kancil have to be careful to avoid the potholes and this is slowing down the traffic flow," he said.
"The situation is worse at night as the road is sometimes dark. Those who are not familiar with the road could hit the potholes hard and damage their vehicles," h( said.
"Those who use motorcycles like me risk losing control of the machines and fall off as well as suffer injuries, he added.
A spokesman for the Public Works Department, when contacted over the complaint, said he would forward the matter to the relevant unit for further action and he thanked the complainant for highlighting it.
The person-in-charge of road maintenance at the area said they are doing their best to maintain the place every year.
"We are doing our best to maintain the road every year. Tomorrow (16 Jan) we have a meeting with the Kota Kinabalu City Hale, Alam Mesra, IBorneo and the Drainage and Irrigation Department t) discuss about the matter," he said.