Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Merotai to stay with LDP: Liew


N58 Merotai seat will remain with Liberal Democratic Party. This is at least what its President Datuk V K Liew said yesterday while voicing his confidence on the decision that the Barisan Nasional leadership will make regarding the seat. The seat, which is currently held by LDP’s Liew Yun Fah, has been at the centre of a controversy as it is also being sought by Kalabakan Umno Chief Datuk Ghapur Salleh, who has insisted the constituency belongs to Umno. “We have every confidence in the BN leadership and that the Merotai seat will be given back to LDP, which we have won handsomely for the coalition in the last election. “Demands can always be made but we are confident the ruling coalition would allow LDP to represent BN in Merotai... I have absolutely no doubt on that,” he said speaking to reporters during LDP’s Chinese New Year celebration at the State Prisons Department in Kepayan near here, Liew also stressed that they also believe BN would return the Sandakan seat to LDP, and in fact, they have made their request known to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi during the party’s congress in November last year. Asked about the PM’s reaction to the request, Liew answered: “Just believe that BN will maintain its status quo.” He said Ghapur’s demand for the seat was not a threat, adding: “It is just a ripple in the teacup by certain quarters, just a ripple and I do not see it as a rift at all. We (LDP) always have a very cordial working relationship with Umno, and we have every confidence that the seats will be returned to us.” Asked about his next action if Umno refused to help LDP during the election, Liew said it has yet to happen and he prefers not to speculate further. On another development, Liew described as a vocal party tells nothing but the truth. He was responding to Democratic Action Party Kota Kinabalu chairman Dr Hiew King Cheu’s statement last week requesting former Chief Minster and LDP President Tan Sri Chong Kah Kiat to leave the BN, stressing that the latter had caused a stir in the coalition over certain issues. “We are just living up to the PM’s call to be truthful. LDP may be a bit vocal lately but we believe in telling the truth,” Liew said. “It may be a bit hurtful to some people but at least we let the truth out. It does not mean we do not subscribe to the cause and struggle of BN and we do not submit to malice. We want to win handsomely for the coalition in the next election and help the ruling coalition remain in power,” he said. He stressed that being vocal is good as it would help improve and overcome the existing weaknesses. At the event, Liew also shared some news of the outside world with the prison inmates. “We are all waiting for the big announcement from the Prime Minister.. it is the election date. I believe it will be made known soon,” he said.