Friday, February 15, 2008


Sabah BN will trounce opposition, says Mohd Lan


The Barisan Nasional would handily defeat the opposition in the coming general election and continue with its work of developing the state, said Sabah Backbenchers Club Chairman Datuk Mohd Lan Allani. He said that feedback gathered over the past one year indicates that despite occasional rumblings of discontent and criticism against the Government over isolated issues, the general population is overwhelming supportive of the BN government’s performance. Of late the opposition has been trying hard to sow discord between BN parties by harping on old issues that are already being addressed by the BN, said Lan in a statement yesterday. “The issues of illegal immigrants, rights of Sabahans, alleged cronyism and corruption are nothing new. These issues have been raised before,” he said. Mohd Lan said the opposition know that the BN has been dealing quietly with issues which take time to resolve, yet they continue to exploit them for political mileage by hurling unfounded allegations against the government. He said the BN would let the people to judge it on its track record and focus on explaining its programs and policies clearly so the people would be able to make the right decision at the polls. “I know the people are capable of distinguishing between the truth and lies. I am confident they will return the BN to power with an overwhelming majority,” he said, adding that the opposition will fail again in Sabah.