Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Segama hawkers still waiting for new trading place

The hawkers selling traditional handicrafts on the Segama overhead bridge here are requesting the Government to fulfil a promise it made one year ago to allocate a new place for them to do their business.
Mondansing bt Makalap who has been doing the business for over nine years, said they were plying their trade below the overhead bridge before the Mayor moved them to the present location.
"The Mayor has given us a place which is in front of the Post Office in the City but until now there is no sign of construction and we have to do our businesses in a public place," said a frustrated Mondansing who felt that they were not being taken care of by the Government even though they are licensed hawkers.
She also revealed that Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) had promised to build their stalls at a new location when they completed the business course organised by MARA one year ago. MARA even promised to give them loan. However, it turned out that all the promises were empty.
"Even though we are used to doing our business without the stall but we still need it due to the unpredictable weather. No matter how bad is the weather we still have to carry out our business as it is the only source of income for us," she said.
Mondasing disclosed that she was scolded by a City Hall enforcement officer for covering part of the overhead bridge with a towel during a hot day.When asked how much she earns a day, Mondasing said it is around RM50 to RM60.