Sunday, January 13, 2008


Assemblyman received threatening calls week before murder

State Assemblyman for Tenggaroh Datuk S Krishnasamy received several threatening calls a week before he was shot dead on Friday, the MIC President said. Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu, who is Works Minister, said Krishnasamy, who was Johor MIC deputy chairman, had informed him of the threats before he left for India on an official visit. “He said the threats went on for a week but he did not take it seriously. I did advise him to be careful. That is all I can say,” Samy Vellu told reporters when he came to the residence of the late assemblyman in Bandar Putra yesterday to pay his respects. He also urged the police to carry out a thorough investigation into the case to ensure those responsible would be brought to justice. He said it was normal for a politician or an elected individual to receive threats from dissatisfied people but in this case, it was too much. “What happened to Krishnasamy can happen to anyone else,” he said. He said a circular had been issued to all MIC Assemblymen and Members of Parliament to take extra precaution to ensure their safety. Presently, there were some people within the Indian community who created agitation including in writing to show that the MIC and its elected representatives did not work for the benefits of the community, according to him. “This is very dangerous because the aim is to sow hatred towards the MIC and its elected representatives,” he said, adding: “They write as though the people hate us a lot. When people think we are no longer useful, perhaps a shoot to kill can occur. Asked whether he believed that Krishnasamy’s murder was politically motivated, Samy Vellu said he was not sure. “I cannot say whether it has something to do with politics, a private matter or in connection with the constituency. An elected representative has many connections,” he said.
However, he said, an elected representative should not be afraid when facing threats from irresponsible quarters. Samy Vellu said he was disappointed with the laxness of security at the Johor MIC building and the absence of security guards at the premises when the shooting took place. “I have told the Johor MIC chairman to place new security personnel and install closed- circuit cameras to see who come in and out of the office,” he said. He also ordered all state MIC offices to review the security aspect of their premises. - Bernama