Sunday, January 13, 2008


Guards held over missing RM500,000
KOTA KINABALU: After cash amounting to RM500,000 went missing,, three security guards given the task to keep a close watch on it were detained to facilitate investigation into the incident. The trio claimed that the half a million ringgit went missing during its transfer from from one bank to another. A reliable police source disclosed that the guards were instructed by their company to collect a RM500,000 cheque from a bank and cash it at another bank in town. After the second transaction was done, the money was put in a bag and taken to the company’s van before they headed to another bank at Api-Api Centre to cash the money, which was supposed to be deposited in another bank. While two guards were given the task to handle transactions in the bank, one stood outside to guard the van. They then moved to the next stop but found that the cash was missing. One of the security guards lodged a police report over the disappearance, claiming that it was stolen. Initial investigation revealed that through a closed circuit television at the bank at Api-Api Centre, the guard standing outside was not paying attention to the van. He was seen puffing a cigarette and at one point, talking to someone. The three are currently remanded to assist police in investigating the case.