Thursday, January 31, 2008


Illegal car washers pester motorists

A number of men, believed to be foreigners, are pestering motorists with illegal car wash service at Beverly Plaza in Jalan Bundusan, Penampang. Sherly said these people are operating around the parking ground behind the Milimewa Superstore. She said that as they cannot be trusted to do a proper wash, most motorists would reject their service but these people are persistent. This makes her and her friends fear they may vandalise their cars, she said. Sherly, who stays at Beverly Hills, Phase 5, hoped the enforcement unit of the local council, together with the police, would monitor the activities of these people as they are a public nuisance. “We fear that if the authority does not take any action to curb these activities, they may even commit crime,” she said. A spokeswoman for Penampang District Council, when informed of the matter, said this is the first public complaint about illegal car wash activities at Beverly Plaza said area. “I will forward the matter to the unit concerned so that they can take the necessary action to curb this kind of activities,” she said. She told Public Hotline that enforcement officers will monitor the situation to keep the activities under control. Meanwhile, a spokesman for City police, when contacted, said there are police on the beat there everyday, especially at night. “We will forward the information to them so that they can look into it,” he said.