Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Condition of extreme sports facilities shocking

A father of three sons has called Public Hotline to draw attention to the poor condition of the extreme sports facilities at Tanjung Lipat in Sulaman-UMS road, which he described as shocking.
Jusli said he brought his sons to the site to play with their friends recently, but after seeing the sorry state of the facilities, he decided not to let them play there.
"The last time I brought my sons to the place was a year ago, and when I visited the place recently I was shocked to see the poor condition of the facilities," he said.
"What saddened me is there are still many youngsters using the facilities. Their keen interest in extreme sports makes them disregard the risk in using the facilities.
"What I am concerned about here is someday someone may get seriously injured when using the damaged facilities unless the authority concerned takes action soon to maintain the facilities," he added.
According to Jusli, his sons were disappointed when he refused to let them use the facilities.
"As a parent, I felt it was best not to let them use the facilities, which are not safe for use," he said.
He hoped the authority concerned will repair the facilities as soon as possible.
Kota Kinabalu City Hall Public Complaints Unit officer Laudin Zaman, when asked to comment on the matter, said: "We will look into it as soon as possible. We will check and see what has to be done."