Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Fake document syndicate busted MyKads, birth certs, driving licences seized


The police here believe they have smashed a major fake document syndicate with the arrest of several suspects and the seizure of 43 MyKads, 15 birth certificates and 33 driving licences. District police chief ACP Jaafar Bin Yusuf said they scored the success following a raid on a house at Kampung Hidayat, Mile 4, Apas Road here at 8pm on February 7 this year. The police also seized a National Registration Department rubber stamp, a scanner and a photocopy machine for making the forged documents in a secret-hidden room of the house. Jaafar said four men, a woman and a child who were in the house that night were brought back to the police for further questioning. Two of the suspects aged between 31 and 35 years old were detained by the police for further investigation while the other four were freed. Jaafar said one of the suspects is a local man who possesses a MyKad while the other suspect does not have any valid documents. Both of the suspects will be investigated under Section 468 of the Penal Code. The police are looking for another suspect who is still at large. “The syndicate used an agent to buy missing identity cards from certain persons and modified the photos on the identification documents before selling them to buyers for RM300 each. “We used ultra violet lights to check the authenticity of these documents,” said Jaafar, adding the police were looking for the buyers of the documents and would charge them under Section 12 (1) of the National Registration Act.