Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Rubbish collected according to schedule in P’pang: Council

Rubbish is collected according to schedule in Penampang, explained the Penampang District Council (PDC). “For the information of public, we collect the rubbish in our jurisdiction areas according to schedule. Even though sometimes it is late but we will collect it and never neglect it for a long time,” said a spokeswoman for PDC. “For example, the rubbish in Taman Intan area will be collected twice a week. All the rubbish is collected except those that is kept inside the house or if the residents lock their rubbish bins,” she added. Earlier, residents in Penampang had expressed unhappiness with the PDC which they claimed had failed to fulfil its responsibility to keep and maintain the cleanliness of the place. According to Hasni, the rubbish was left uncollected for many days until it scattered all over the rubbish centre there. “I am not sure what is the cause of the problem. What the residents and I want is for the authority to do something to prevent the problem from happening again. There should be a proper rubbish collection schedule,” she said. Hasni also said that they had complained a few times but nothing had been done to improve the service. “The situation has been there for a long time until today. I suggest to the authority concerned to do something and improve their service to maintain the cleanliness of the place around Penampang. “As far as I know, the PDC has a new garbage truck, but the problem still happened. They only take action after receiving a complaint from the public. I think if the public does not make any complaint, they will neglect it until the air becomes smelly. We hope they will do well in the future in maintaining the cleanliness of the place,” she added.