Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Election fever picking up slowly


A day after the nominations, there is still no obvious sign the people are in election mood. It seems like the upcoming 12th general election is not as hot as the previous polls. In the past, election fever hits the nation almost immediately right from the dissolution of state legislative assemblies up to nomination day, and sometimes even after the polling day is over. Candidates’ posters and flags representing the contesting political parties would be put up almost as soon as the candidates’ nomination forms were accepted. May be the election fever has not started yet, or probably, intense campaigning has not taken place. There are, however, some little indications that the battle is on. A huge billboard bearing the images of top Barisan Nasional leaders has been put up in the Putatan township, reminding voters to make the right decision, and in some places, like along the roads in the City, Tuaran, Luyang and Kepayan, posters of candidates have also made their appearance. Several supporters of BN parties claimed that they have yet to receive campaign posters and flags, and most of the election paraphernalia was expected to arrive last night. On the opposition’s side, to date, they have yet to do their part to spice up the election in Sabah. However, in Beaufort town, flags of both BN and Parti Keadilan Rakyat are already seen side by side along the roads in the town area, as well as major towns such as Sandakan and Tawau.