Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Vehicles occupy pathway for pupils

The inconsiderate action of motorists parking their vehicles on the pathway in front of the St Agnes Primary School in Likas area is causing safety concern. According to the mother of a pupil there, the vehicles take up most of the space on the pathway, leaving only a narrow area for the children to walk on. “What if the children fall into the drain next to the pathway,” Mary said, pointing out that even school bus drivers park their vehicles on the pathway. “I have a daughter studying at St Agnes and every time I pick her up, I feel annoyed by the inconsiderate action of these motorists and school bus drivers,” she said. “The situation has been going on for a long time and even though numerous complaints have been made, no action has been taken,” she lamented. Mary pointed out that the pathway is for pedestrians to walk on and not a parking area for vehicles. “And what if the drivers are not careful when moving out of the area, they may hit a child walking between the vehicles,” she said, adding that the children are at risk of suffering serious injuries. “Is the authority concerned waiting for something like that to happen to one of the pupils before taking any action? Who is going to pay if something tragic should happen to the innocent pupils? Who will be able to give them a normal life back ,”she added. She told the Public Hotline that the situation happens daily especially in the afternoon. The city police traffic when contacted about the matter said, they will monitor the area to ensure motorist do not park there indiscriminately. “Action will be taken on those who flout the law and we appealed for cooperation from all motorists to ensure that they park in the designated areas,” the spokesperson said.