Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It won’t be smooth sailing for BN in Keningau:Pairin


The Barisan Nasional (BN) candidates here have strong connection and confidence to win in the general election despite facing strong opposition challengers, especially from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). The clash of PBS President Datuk Seri Panglima Joseph Pairin Kitingan and PKR Vice President Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan for the Keningau parliamentary seat is considered a battle of the Kitingan brothers or battle of double J. Dr Jeffrey is also considered a big challenger to the BN candidates in the three state seats of Tambunan, Bingkor and Liawan which are included in the Keningau parliamentary constituency. Besides BN and PKR, DAP has also joined in the fray for the Keningau seat by fielding Peter Kadau. Pairin who is also defending the Tambunan seat, is not denying that BN has to work hard for victory in all the four seats. The Keningau BN chairman will face Moses Michael Iking from PKR and Francis Koh Kui Tze from the independent in the three-cornered fight. “There is no easy passage for BN without hard work from all the BN component leaders and members in Keningau. “I believe by having team work and close cooperation from all the components, the BN could win all the areas, including Keningau parliamentary seat even though it is facing a tough fight from PKR,” he said, adding that the people must be given explanation on the BN Government policies. Pairin who is also Deputy Chief Minister and Rural Development Minister, said the BN Government is also giving top priority to the development of rural people’s socio economy, education, health and poverty eradication through the Middle Region Sabah Development Corridor. Liawan BN candidate Datuk Haji Sairin Karno said the BN was ready for its campaigning. The incumbent is involved in a four-cornered fight with Jius Awang from PKR, Yapilin Nawawi from independent and Lawrence Mogidau from DAP. “I believe BN could win all the three state constituencies and Keningau parliament in view of better cooperation and relationship between the BN components namely, Umno, PBS, PBRS, UPKO, MCA and SAPP,” he said. Justin Guka, who is also defending the Bingkor seat for BN, is challenged by Jeffrey, Victor Leornadus from Setia and Thomas Anggan from independent. He said the Bingkor people still needed development and they should give him the opportunity to lead Bingkor for another five years. “I believe only the BN Government can give better services to the people in Bingkor and I hope the Bingkor people will continue to support the BN in this election,” he said. Among the issues raised by PKR are the approval of application for the 2,500-acre Bingkor Native Reserve by outsiders and illegal immigrants monopolising the business at the Keningau night market.